Project Companion

Research, select production in accordance with the installation requirements.

Supporting customers to disassemble and transport fans at work.

Test run, accompany the customer during the system collection with the authorities

System Consult

Survey current status

Consulting solutions for improving operational parameters

Energy efficiency Optimization Consultancy

Dynamic Balancing Services

Vibration Survey and Assessment

Consulting improvement schemes

Dismantling, transporting to TOMECO An Khang Factory

Dynamic balancing, installation, commissioning

Dynamic Balance At The Field

Rotor-balancing for industrial fans, grinding rotor, cage extractor in the field

Balanced results are collected at the position of installation; The vibration is timely alerted

Repair and Recover Electric Motors

Dynamic Balance electrical motor 

Cleaning, maintenance, replacement of motor

Testing, failure analysis

Wrap the coil

Repair and Recovery of wings

Measure and survey of industrial propeller reels

Make replaced, repaired plan

Produce alternative wing

Dismantle, assemble, dynamic balance at the field