TOMECO is the best industrial fan’s designer and manufacturer in Vietnam and becomes one of the top 5 corporation in the ASEAN and will also become an international supplier met standards of the global supply chain of multinational corporations.


– Always set the sustainable development goal – be associated with preserving the environment and actively contributing to the development of the society, bringing Vietnamese brand to the world.

– Training and developing human resources as a group of professional workers with high labor productivity, having the spirit of innovation, solidarity and happiness.

– Constantly investing in science and technology innovation, researching and developing new products, investing in advanced machinery and equipment, accessing the most modern information technology and automation in the world.

– Building an effective management system aimed at improving product quality, reducing production costs, competing on market prices, increasing worker’s income and gaining company’s capital.


With a tradition of over 25 years of development and perseverance with the initial goal, TOMECO brand has become a highly reputable one in designing and manufacturing industrial fans in Vietnam and manufacturing products in supporting industries for multinational corporations in the world.

TOMECO’s products always contain a high level of gray matter in terms of production management, technical design and management, especially the highest expression of the skills of the invested workers who continuously trained, accumulated experience, motivated to develop and willing to devote in an advanced industrial culture.