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6 Energy-Efficiency Improvement Opportunities In Fan Systems (photo credit: spectratechltd.com)

By Edvard Csanyi Energy Saving Potential Efficiencies of fan systems vary considerably across impeller types. The average energy saving potential in these systems in the U.S. manufacturing industry is estimated at 6%. For optimal savings and performance, it is recommended that a systems approach is used. 1.   Minimizing pressure Pressure offers greater opportunities to reduce…

Introduction     Destruction of the induced draft fan and restoration design A study of Thanh Le Quy – R&D Department, TOMECO Mechanic-Electrical Joint Stock Company, 53 Nguyen Xien, Hanoi, Vietnam Dan Nguyen Duc, Thai Tran Luong – Technical and Design Department, TOMECO AN KHANG Joint Stock Company, Ngoc Liep Industrial Zone, Quoc Oai, Hanoi, Vietnam


TCVN 3991: 1985 – Fire prevention standard in construction design. Terminology – Definition TCVN 5303: 1990 – Fire safety – Term and definition of Vietnamese financial 3254: 1989 – Fire safety – General requirements TCVN 3255: 1986 – Explosion safety – General requirements TCVN 4878: 1989 – Fire classification TCVN 4879: 1989 – Fire prevention…


The choice of fans to maximize the energy and operating costs of the system must be based on many factors. After calculating, designing and asking for fan usage, customers only need to provide us with the following information: