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TOMECO Industrial Fan – Top Choice Of Steel Manufacturer

Last September, TOMECO has researched and successfully built titanium industrial rotor replacement for the fan regenerating the acid regeneration phase in the steel rolling line.

Titanium is an active metal but has superior corrosion resistance thanks to the passive titanium oxide on the surface. Thanks to this passive membrane, the titanium material is subjected to corrosion in more advanced acidic environments when compared to stainless steel materials. Therefore, in the world, titanium is the preferred material used for general chemical industrial equipment and industrial fans in particular containing or transporting air flow, solution to the composition of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid , high concentrations of clenbuterol.

guongf cánh quạt Titan
Titan Industrial Rotor Blade

Especially, when used for the fabrication of industrial propeller and other types of pump, turbine, rotor, titanium material also provides high durability and low private volume, which helps to increase the life expectancy, performance and reduce operating costs.

Tomeco is proud to be the first industrial fan manufacturer in Vietnam to study, select and successfully apply titanium materials into the fabrication of wing replacement for the fan regenerating acid regeneration stage for the steel rolling line with the quality and the progress is High prices by customers.

Quạt công nghiệp TOMECO - Lựa chọn hàng đầu cho các nhà máy thép
 TOMECO Industrial Fan

The product is made in accordance with the standard ASME, which is fully tested via ultrasonic weld testing, tensile strength testing, tensile strength, CO-winding, CQ imported materials.



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