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TOMECO Shares Experience In International Business With Foreign Trade University Students

At 16/09/2019, TOMECO has been pleased to host the event “sharing experience in international business” with the second-year students of the international Bachelor of Business Training program under the advanced Japanese model of the UNIVERSITY of Foreign Trade University with connection support from Vietnam – Japan Human Resources Development Institute (VJCC)..

Join the meeting, towards TOMECO there are Mr. Le Quy Kha – chairman of TOMECO, Ms. Hoang Thi NhuTrang – finance director TOMECO, Mr. Le Huy Hoang – Head of business in charge of international business and representatives of the TOMECO departments. At the Foreign Trade University, there are Prof. Toshiya Ozaki – Rikkyo University (Japan), lecturer  Anh Tuan, Nguyen Thi Thuy Vinh – Foreign Trade University and over 80 second-year students – Foreign Trade University.

ong Le Quy Kha - chu tich HĐQT TOMECO giao luu voi cac ban sinh vienLê Quý Khả _ TOMECO Chairman make speech

This social event is in the series of practical activities that VJCC and foreign Trade university have built into the organization to facilitate the students have access to the working environment and obtain an overview of international business in general , as well as the market expansion strategy of a typical successful business.

As a business that has been deeply involved in global markets, standing in the global supply chain of the multinational General Electric Corporation (GE)-USA from 2012, supplier of Greens Combustion Company (UK), and has exported products to the national market Australia, Denmark, Germany, Kenya, Laos, Thailand, the Philippines,… TOMECO was rated as a mechanical business that had a fairly excellent start in conquering the global market.

Sinh viên FTU
Mr. Lê Huy Hoàng answers students’ questions

At this time, TOMECO shared practical experience working with foreign partners of the business for Foreign Trade university students, and answered questions from students about the difficulties to disassemble when working with Foreign partners. In parallel with the sharing of experience, the students have been guided to visit the home of the family, and to know the process of industrial fan production and the export auxiliary industry products of TOMECO. Through this practical visit, the students envisioned the environment and the rigorous standards that TOMECO applied to produce a product that reached international standards.

Sinh viên FTU đi thăm nhà máy
Student visit factory

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Vinh – representative of the Foreign Trade University and VJCC has sent sincere thanks to TOMECO for the enthusiastic reception, the warm and the sharing of TOMECO’s valuable practical experience.

TOMECO hopes through this exchange, the Foreign Trade University students will be given more valuable practical experience, contributing to the international Bachelor of Business for country’s future.

Here are some pictures of the exchange session.


Sinh Viên FTU đi thăm nhà máy
Student visit factory
BLĐ TOMECO tặng quà lưu niệm cho trường FTU
TOMECO gave souvenir gift to Foreign Trade University