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The DWT roof drainage axle products designed and manufactured by TOMECO are widely used to meet the needs of:

High building

Vacuum exhaust shaft vacuum toilets – garbage dump, smoke fire prevention

Industrial factory

Suction of toxic gases, gases, gases containing corrosive chemicals, smoke from chemical plants, food processing zones, industrial kitchens, and services. Hot air buildup on the roof – ventilation – cooling.


High pressure impeller – large suction force

The wing of DWT exhaust fan series is specially designed with the structure to adjust the tilt angle of the wing with aerodynamic profile – to help the fan reach the flow of up to 50,000 CMH

Challenging every extreme weather condition

Rain cap is optimally designed to help the fan to perform well in all severe weather conditions such as rain, storms and high winds.

Optimal material solution for all needs

The entire casing and impeller can be made of steel, stainless steel or composite materials according to different working conditions, meeting the needs of use in chemical, acid, grease, corrosion resistant environments.