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Products of AFC indirect drive axial fans designed and manufactured by TOMECO are widely applied to the following needs:

Smoke, air, toxic gas high temperature.

Heat load, hot air circulation for systems of drying corn, potatoes, cassava and other agricultural products and foods.

Heat load, hot air circulation for kilns.


Durable operation in high temperature environment:

Indirect drive mechanism, structure of protection belt, smart motor, axle imported from reputable manufacturers brings to AFC product line of TOMECO with ability to work continuously & long term with air flow with high temperature up to 200 ° C.

Various materials selection solutions:

TOMECO is ready to provide free consulting services, helping customers choose the most suitable materials for their needs, ensuring fan life and system efficiency.

Smooth operation at all speeds:

The impeller is dynamically balanced on a digital balancer & inspected and calibrated by the United States technology of vibration analysis before leaving the factory.

Ability to respond diverse

TOMECO is ready to meet customers’ requirements about manufacturers & types of details such as engines, belts, bearings, axle bearings, paint colors, …