All products designed and built by TOMECO are tested and controlled closely in accordance with the process of quality management system ISO 9001:2015. The product warranty is a mandatory guarantee by law to the company in terms of quality for the product warranty period. The company is obliged to carry out the repair of damaged products during the validity period of warranty.


  1. Contact

When there is a malfunction, a malfunction that occurs under the client’s confirmation is under the warranty responsibility of the supplier of the equipment, the customer please check and prepare the following information

  • Equipment Supply Unit
  • Day of purchase, delivery and date of use
  • Damage records, including participating Members: operators, direct manager, and legal representatives of the unit used, describing the condition of the device from normal operation to the presence of signs It’s not normal to stop the machine. (a snapshot of the status is recommended)
  • The full warranty slip of the above information is sent back to the person who provided the equipment so that the seller is responsible for contacting the manufacturer for the warranty duties.

2. TOMECO Terms of Warranty

TOMECO is responsible for the warranty, for the goods supplied with the following conditions

  • Goods manufactured by TOMECO, who are also labeled on the factory and have not been renovated, change other conditions of use with the original design agreement
  • You have fully accepted the manufacturer’s procedures, rules and guidelines on the transportation, installation, use and repair of equipment maintenance.
  • The failure of the two parties to confirm the fault of the manufacturer.
  • The device warranty period indicated on the voucher is calculated from the date of handover of goods between 2 parties. During the guarantee period, you regularly talk to TOMECO about the installation and use of equipment. When a problem has occurred, it is timely to stop the machine and notify the company to carry out warranty duties and make a record of the status of machinery and equipment during operation as well as incident failure.

* The case is not responsible for warranty of TOMECO

  • Fault of the carrier, installation and commissioning of the damages
  • Goods that have no original status, have been repaired, changed contrary to the design at hand, have lost or corrupted labels
  • Failures of force majeure such as natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods….
  • The case is not covered by TOMECO in advance with the customer.

In case of warranty period

3. Warranty Costs:

  • The full cost of transportation, installation and replacement of components and spare parts to fix the fault produced by TOMECO is responsible for costs.
  • If there are no prior agreements, if the product warranty location is in the way of the original handover over 20km, please pay the travel and stay for officers and workers to do the inspection duties , device warranty.

4. Support for product use and maintenance: 

During installation and use of the equipment, customers are able to contact with the telephone (024) 3563 1130; Email: toancau@tomeco.vn to TOMECO’s transaction points to:

  • Ask for advice on selecting and using the product for free.
  • Warranty requirements.
  • Require maintenance, product repair inspection.