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The multi-blades 14-46 centrifugal fans are widely used in the following applications:

Supply of fresh air for ventilation, smoking, industrial cooling;

Supply of fresh air for central air conditioning system in commercial center buildings, office services, housing, schools, hospitals, sports facilities;

Smoke exhausted industrial kitchen, smoked grill restaurant, buffet, hot pot.

Sanitary sewer discharge shaft, garbage dump of apartment buildings.


Small design – compact – light

Compact size and light weight make the 14-46 centrifugal fan an optimal choice for common needs and limited space installation needs, elevated positions or inaccessible locations by tools to support transfer.

Flexible customization capabilities

TOMECO can customize the wheel width or use the double-wing roll structure, two intakes in a flexible way to meet all requirements of operating parameters within the permissible range.

Quiet operation – low noise level

The impeller design with many forward curved blades allows 14-46 fan products to operate at low noise levels. Operation vibration is minimized by processing on Japanese technology CNC laser cutting machine with <1/100 mm error.